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Potty Dance Pants - .pdf pattern file

While this pattern has the same name as our original potty- training pants pattern, it is all new in July 2008 with new directions, a new fit, new sizing, new sewing options etc...


Not every child needs training pants during potty-learning and for many, going straight to underpants is ideal. But for those that do need them, full-time or only during outings, this pattern will create a budget and planet friendly alternative to disposable trainers. I created the Potty Dance Pants pattern to have the features I found I needed most when my daughters potty-learned. They are easy enough for my toddler to put on and take off by herself, they fit closer to the body than most commercial training pants fitting lower in front and higher in back, they have absorbent fabric inside so toddlers feel when the pants are wet, and, most importantly, they are waterproof and reliable enough to use when away from home.  This pattern won't revolutionize potty-learning. But they will keep a potty accident from turning into a potty catastrophe.

What you get:
A .pdf pattern file containing 23 pages of full-color photographs with very detailed written directions and pieces to print full-sized patterns in three sizes.


This pattern includes three sizes (based on commercial clothing size): 18-24m, 2T-4T, 4T-6.


What you can make:

  1. turned-style pants with side-closures (rolling leg elastic means no top-stitching around legs)
  2. turned-style pants with sewn-sides(rolling leg elastic means no top-stitching around legs)
  3. bound-style (with fold-over elastic) pants with side-closures
  4. bound-style (with fold-over elastic) pants with sewn-side
  5. multiple soaker styles and sewing methods
  6. pocket-style pants (turned or bound)

Other Features:

  • Serger and snap directions are provided but a serger and snap-press are completely optional.

  • New ideas and options continue to be added to the pattern through an online link.

  • Just in case you need help, email-support is a click away.

  • Why a .pdf pattern:

  • No shipping costs.

  • Pattern is downloadable immediately after payment.

  • Never worry about ruining a master pattern. Re-print as often as needed.

  • No need to buy or use pattern-tracing paper.

  • A .pdf pattern allows the use of full-color photos and diagrams and detailed instructions that would be cost-prohibitive in per-printed patterns.

  • NOTE: Potty Dance Pants are designed for daytime use.  They are quite narrow through the stride to be more underwear-like. While some customers have used them successfully overnight by adding additional absorbency, your results may vary if you choose to create pants for overnight use.


    This pattern is detailed enough for most beginners but assumes knowledge of general sewing terms such as seam allowance and back-stitching. We encourage everyone new to cloth diapers and diaper-making to join online forums that focus on using and/or making cloth diapers. Learning about cloth-diapering isn't difficult, but it can be overwhelming at first. We know you'll have more fun sewing and using cloth diapers when you have a solid grasp of construction, use, and care. This pattern is very detailed but it does not give definitions for general cloth-diaper related terms such as fitted, soaker, or quick-dry.


    For more pattern information, please visit the pattern our pattern FAQs.


    This pattern is for home sewing only. 


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